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PEER FACTORY Acceptance Tester (PFAT)

Dynamic testing solution for validating equipment automation software

SEMI standards compliance testing with CCS Envoy™ has become a routine part of most fabs' and OEMs' equipment quality assurance programs. But standards testing alone does not ensure equipment will run successfully in production. As standards evolve and fab-specific implementations diversify, automation conformance has become increasingly difficult and costly for both fabs and OEMs.

PEER FACTORY® Acceptance Tester (PFAT™) is the first test solution in the industry that addresses these issues. PFAT has been developed as a highly configurable, SECS/GEM simulation tester for validating equipment automation. With a graphical test designer and real-time results tracker, PFAT allows the user to quickly design tests that simulate any fab's operational scenario and pinpoint test failures.

  • PFAT's easy to use drag-and-drop user interface enables engineers to quickly create reusable and extendable test sequences. PFAT allows users to build a library of tests that can be later linked to form an entire equipment test suite. Engineers can then rapidly create or customize a test suite for various operational scenarios based on existing system tests in their library.
  • PFAT addresses the challenge of testing permutations of equipment and communications errors, as well as associated recovery scenarios. Configurable values within tests and test suites let you run the same tests for a variety of conditions with minimal effort.
  • PFAT is an advanced SECS/GEM simulator, enabling fast and easy creation of complex fab automation scenarios.

PFAT contains a variety of features that increase the productivity of test engineers, shorten fab acceptance time, and increase equipment reliability in production.

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