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SEMI equipment automation standards testing

A fab typically has 50-75 unique equipment models that must be integrated into the factory control system. Without the SEMI equipment automation standards, equipment integration would be nearly impossible. Even with today's standards, connecting a tool to the factory control system is a complex and expensive process.

There are several reasons for the high cost of equipment integration. First, today's SEMI equipment automation software standards are large and complex in order to accommodate the multitude of equipment processes. Next, the standards allow for variations in fab operational scenarios; every fab runs differently, even within the same company. Finally, the standards change regularly to keep up with new automation demands. As a result, fabs and OEMs test their equipment against the latest standards in order to reduce equipment integration time and costs.

PEER Group has experience testing hundreds of equipment models for fabs and OEMs. We are the industry leader in semiconductor test services and applications. As factory automation requirements continue to evolve and standards change, both fabs and OEMs are counting on PEER Group to provide the industry with the latest test capabilities.

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