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Transform your tool support model with secure remote connectivity

Remicus™ is a secure, scalable remote connectivity solution that gives OEMs remote access to equipment and equipment data. Pronounced reh-Me-cuss, the name is a combination of “remote” and a play on the Latin word for friend, amicus.

Manage your deployed equipment from anywhere via the web

Remicus enables remote groups of tool experts to work efficiently towards a common goal on equipment deployed inside a fab. OEMs who use Remicus empower geographically-dispersed equipment experts and enable the human cloud, allowing them to collaborate on equipment issues from anywhere in the world.

Remicus overview

Provide a higher standard of service to your fab customers and reduce your support costs

Remicus can be added easily to connect to a wide variety of equipment types and server platforms deployed in both lab and production environments. It:

  • provides a secure private encrypted network to connect experts
  • enables cost-effective support
  • adds value to an OEM’s equipment solution offering for fab customers 

Help fabs increase productivity and enable smart manufacturing

With Remicus, OEMs can pull machine data out of a fab securely, then analyze and use the data to: 

  • detect equipment inefficiencies sooner
  • develop new products faster
  • make accelerated design improvements for current and future operations
  • perform predictive analytics 

These activities increase productivity and reduce costs for both OEMs and fabs.

Enable big data exchange between fabs and OEMs

Cloud computing and big data needs are creating opportunities for manufacturers but are also creating challenges within the semiconductor industry. Smart manufacturing initiatives are changing the way semiconductor device makers leverage data to gain insights into manufacturing processes positively impacting productivity, efficiency, quality control, and operations. Remicus can be essential in enabling secure feedback of manufacturing intelligence back into the fab and equipment, providing the means to securely access and deliver structured and unstructured machine data to users who can extract its value. 

Turn information into action, while protecting both OEM and fab IP

Interconnecting equipment and process data also provides new opportunities to fabs and OEMs. In the past, many fabs reacted to the limited data they could collect and OEMs struggled with limited tool processing information from fabs. Now, large volumes of sensitive data can be available from different equipment components and stages in the manufacturing process. 

Successful big data analytics integrated into smart manufacturing solutions enables predictive modelling and allows manufacturers and suppliers to turn information into action. Our technology: 

  • makes machine data available for deeper analytics, helping OEMs and fabs obtain optimal equipment performance quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively 
  • provides secure access management functionality to control, track, report, and audit the information exchange between the OEM and fab
  • enables a collaborative authorization workflow that addresses the unique security requirements of the semiconductor industry, ensuring IP protection and the secure flow of approved information

Both OEMs and fabs benefit from the additional data available to them. 


Smart manufacturing

Monitor performance across your fleet of tools, from anywhere 

Remicus video

Watch the Remicus video to learn how tool experts can connect to remote manufacturing equipment securely

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