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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Advanced manufacturers find themselves in increasingly competitive marketplaces. Cost pressures, delivery dates, and regulatory compliance require manufacturers to launch faster, reduce costs, control quality, and provide traceability into their shop floors at unprecedented levels.

The challenge

Manufacturers must embrace a world of shorter production runs and extended supply chains, and accomplish their goals faster and with fewer engineering and administrative resources. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) offer the shortest route to control and visibility into your manufacturing processes. However, the road to successful MES implementation is littered with failed attempts, cost overruns, and partially implemented systems.

The solution

PEER FACTORY® MES is one of a suite of flexible, robust, and scalable PEER FACTORY components. At PEER Group, we understand that connecting to factory automation is paramount. As such, our components are built upon our PEER FACTORY Data Management Framework (DMF™), which allows for connectivity to a wide range of factory automation, using a wide range of communication protocols.

PEER FACTORY MES is a collection of reusable components that are tailored to specific customer requirements. At PEER Group, we combine our experience in the semiconductor, solar, electronics, life sciences, and automotive manufacturing industries to bring to market best-of-breed functional modules that meet your manufacturing needs while achieving high levels of uptime and throughput.

PEER FACTORY MES highlights 



  • Deploys to any environment, from small installations to large, high-volume environments and multi-sites
  • Customized and extended to provide a unique solution
  • Configured to customer requirements according to your functionality needs, budget, and timelines
  • Supported and maintained after factory deployment
  • Can be updated by both PEER Group and customer (customer-specific source code)
  • Provides multi-protocol support, including SECS/GEM, OPC, flat files, database, XML, Interface A, and custom protocols

PEER FACTORY MES functionality



  • Enables push and pull scheduling modules

WIP Tracking

  • Provides real-time tracking of all in-process and completed units
Defect Tracking
  • Provides real-time tracking of product status, quality metrics, and pareto charts
Recipe Control
  • Tracks recipe to unit, pushes product-specific recipes to the tools
Genealogy Management
  • Tracks all operations and all consumed materials
Alert Manager
  • Alerts for tool state, process variables, and buffer queues
Business System Adapter
  • Connects seamlessly to other systems such as ERP, SCM, and MES
Reporting & Visualization
  • Provides historical and real-time reports, dashboards

  • 150+
    OEM customers
  • 50,000+
    equipment connections in service
  • 70+
    tool platforms automated
  • 40+
    fab acceptances