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PEER FACTORY Asset Management data sheet

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World-class manufacturers know that Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategies are critical in reducing operational costs, improving Return on Assets (ROA), and reducing risk from the failure of critical assets. PEER FACTORY® Asset Management (AM) modules provide a proven software application that will:

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  • Standardize asset maintenance and equipment reliability practices across the enterprise.
  • Maximize uptime and utilization of assets and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Improve visibility into production and asset performance across the enterprise through the use of asset analytical tools and dashboards.
  • Replace the traditional break-fix maintenance approach by gaining real-time visibility into equipment failures before they actually happen.
  • Streamline spare parts replenishment and tool crib management.
  • Capture best practices from experienced maintenance employees and transfer this knowledge to the overall workforce.

PEER FACTORY AM modules integrate seamlessly within the suite of other PEER FACTORY standard components, such as MES, DMF™, and Yield Management

By leveraging the robust and scalable PEER FACTORY infrastructure, the Asset Management modules can collect equipment states and downtime directly from your factory automation to reduce data entry errors and increase your reaction time to maintenance-related issues.

The comprehensive integration capability allows manufacturers to reduce IT hardware cost and support requirements by leveraging the same PEER FACTORY infrastructure for data storage, data visualization, and reporting management.

The challenge

A modern maintenance organization must be built on knowledge. A large amount of information needs to be maintained and made easily available to operational personnel. This visibility allows manufacturers to monitor asset conditions in real time, deliver data to decision makers as actionable business intelligence, and use the data to analyze, predict, plan, and schedule maintenance activities across different assets.

The solution

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PEER FACTORY Asset Management modules provide a comprehensive EAM solution and a robust and reliable foundation to build your equipment maintenance organization upon. Along with capturing all emergency maintenance tasks as they occur, PEER FACTORY AM modules allow manufacturing operations to:

  • Plan preventive and scheduled maintenance
  • Schedule audit tasks
  • Control spare parts replenishment

PEER FACTORY AM modules support automated manufacturing by providing planning and reporting tools that allow operations managers to have the ability to schedule work, accurately staff teams, and provide standardized work instructions to maintenance technicians. The visualization tools and dashboards provide alarms and escalation features that allow managers and supervisors to view line status in real time to detect patterns that lead to equipment failure. The analytical tools support continuous improvement teams and root cause analysis and facilitate moving from a break-fix maintenance approach to a more predictive approach and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

PEER FACTORY Asset Management benefits 



Provides traceability
  • Assignment and closure of tasks
  • Defined escalation path for timely completion of tasks
  • Standardized work instructions
  • Track the duration of tasks
  • eSignaure audit trails
Maximizes capital investments
  • Prolong capital equipment lifespan
  • Introduce new technologies and automation faster
  • Reduce insurance costs
Increases throughput and yield
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Achieve higher run rates
  • Increase yield by reducing maintenance-related defects
Reduces costs
  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Reduce direct and indirect labor
  • Less overtime
  • Reduce maintenance staff
  • Track the true cost of maintenance

PEER FACTORY Asset Management functional overview


  • Advanced planning of work orders and audits
  • Allows for the deferment of tasks to future dates
  • Supports auditing procedures at prescribed time intervals
  • Tracks technicians, team assignments, and total labor input


  • Standardized maintenance and audit work instructions
  • Incorporates third-party knowledge bases into a centralized and accessible location
  • Emergency work order tracking
  • Tracks the duration of tasks
  • Escalates maintenance tasks or audits that are not opened and completed on time
  • Downtime incident tracking, cause and duration


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  • All open work orders
  • All pending work orders
  • Downtime incident tracking
  • Labor tracking


  • eSignature capabilities
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Complete traceability from the planner to technician to task and date

Tool crib inventory system

  • Configure critical components to track
  • Capture consumption of components at the point of usage
  • Configurable max/min stock levels to trigger reorder points

Real-time performance monitoring

  • Utilize PEER Group’s scalable, flexible Data Management Framework (DMF) for data acquisition and storage
  • Connect to a wide variety of shop floor equipment and work cells to collect downtime incidents and duration
  • Provides an easy-to-use reporting mechanism to provide insight OEE, system uptime and quality metrics

  • 150+
    OEM customers
  • 50,000+
    equipment connections in service
  • 70+
    tool platforms automated
  • 40+
    fab acceptances