Reduce your equipment deployment costs

Our tool automation products and services improve engineering productivity throughout the entire equipment delivery supply chain including equipment design, development, testing and support, with the final goal of driving down the total cost of the entire equipment life cycle.

An increasing number of OEMs are seeking software solutions for automation in order to free precious R&D funds for core technologies that add competitive value. Using our award-winning PEER Tool Orchestrator (PTO®) application, OEMs can quickly implement the complete 300mm automation baseline standards and configure their equipment for fab-specific operational scenarios based on SEMI E84, SEMI E87 and others. OEMs reduce their equipment deployment costs by completing tool development faster, shortening fab acceptance time and increasing equipment reliability.

Our test applications are used by virtually every semiconductor equipment company in the world to ensure that tool shipments integrate into fabs smoothly, get signed off quickly, and run reliably in production. In addition to the popular SECSIM Pro®+ and CCS Envoy™, PEER Group has a new advanced equipment test product, PEER FACTORY® Acceptance Tester (PFAT™), which can test fab-specific automation scenarios and simultaneously test equipment control software.