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Remote connectivity

Remote access to equipment and data

Semiconductor device manufacturing is a highly-complex industry within a competitive global business environment, where equipment makers and device makers must both innovate and deliver leading-edge products at a rapid pace. In today’s competitive marketplace, OEMs often have the ongoing support and maintenance responsibility for their tools after they have been deployed into a fab. These OEMs will maintain their tools in production to ensure optimal uptime and runtime, manage spare parts, and improve operational results and throughput.

Secure connectivity: protect fab information and equipment-maker IP

For future tool improvements, support, and diagnostics, remote access to equipment and its data is a necessity for OEMs in today’s connected world. Furthermore, OEMs require the ability for local service technicians to collaborate with tool experts located at the OEM’s headquarters, often on the other side of the globe. They are looking for ways to meet these demands in a cost-effective manner.

Remicus™ provides reliable, secure, traceable remote connectivity to equipment allowing the flow of operational and equipment processing data for optimal manufacturing intelligence. It can be added easily to connect OEMs to a wide variety of equipment types and server platforms deployed in both lab and fab environments. Remicus integrates easily and securely with both OEM and fab networks with a centralized, jointly-managed access portal for equipment makers and fabs to exchange business-critical information.


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