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Short product lifecycles in the electronics industry mean that there are no second chances. If you miss your launch window, you miss the boat — literally. Time to market means everything and you need a software provider that can deliver solutions to support your vision and expectations for success. How do you launch a new product with unprecedented ramp-up time and leading-edge technology halfway around the world? You call PEER Group.

MES solutions for electronics manufacturing

PEER Group designs and develops high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) applications and data collection tools that increase process control and support lean manufacturing initiatives in the electronics industry. PEER Group has extensive experience providing equipment connectivity and integration services for the electronics assembly industry, as well as writing custom add-on modules for electronics manufacturing optimization and execution systems. PEER Group has a proven track record of commissioning and providing continuous support of 24x7 manufacturing systems in the field.

Often in the electronics industry, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) subcontracts manufacturing to an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider, but the goals of the OEM and the EMS are often at odds. As the brand owner, the OEM is focused on quality and functionality, while as the manufacturer, the EMS is focused on producing as many units as possible as efficiently as possible. PEER Group's solutions enable the OEM to monitor and control the EMS's manufacturing process to ensure quality and data integrity, and to allow rapid decision making in a time-sensitive environment.

Whether your focus is flexibility on the production line or increasing your throughput, PEER Group understands the unique pressures you face each day. When you partner with PEER Group, you are assured an IT solution that can meet the challenges of your launch and scale with your manufacturing operations. Our solutions provide insight into your operations and lead to optimized equipment utilization, minimal machine downtime and streamlined manufacturing process without compromising the integrity required in the electronics industry. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Web-services based MES
  • Global accessibility
  • Worldwide deployment
  • Remote equipment connectivity
  • Equipment control systems
  • Automated tester interfaces
  • Process interfaces
  • Recipe management
  • Product tracking
  • Data collection
  • Traceability
  • Test results
  • Recipe/program management
  • Automated configuration control
  • Program download

Take a closer look at some of our electronics solutions and see why we're the number one outsource design and development choice for many companies:


PEER Group provides training on factory automation, equipment automation, equipment connectivity, and testing


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